About Us

At the foot of the Chocolate Mountains, artisan fey beings are at work.

As the stars twinkle overhead, this kindly sprite toils through the night to blend and sculpt sugar grains into expressions of pure pleasure.

Never let your sugar be ordinary.

Declare your joy!

Fantasy Sugar is a one-woman labor of love from the mind, sugary-sweat and salty-tears of Mika McDonald.

Mika’s background is as varied as the colors of the sugar-cane-enriched artwork she creates. She is a professional:

    • American Cordon Bleu Pastry Chef working in France

    • Theatrical Prop/Scenic Technician

    • Mask-maker (trained under famed Italian maestro mask maker, Antonio Fava)

    • Seamstress

    • Opera Singer

    • Mother

Her seemingly disparate worlds collided in brilliant saccharine glory when she toured the candy stores of Paris and saw the sweets on display like fine jewelry.

She brought this inspiration home and, along with years of technical practice and refinement, Fantasy Sugar was born.

    • Why use square cubes when you can immerse works of art into your coffee and teas?

    • Why disperse bland squares of raw sugar into your Absinthe when you can literally infuse it with a Green Fairy?

    • Why when you can use Fantasy Sugar?